Other courses and scholarships in Europe (besides Erasmus Mundus)

Saya ambil kutipan berikut dari website Erasmus Mundus:

Europe offers a vast range of higher education courses, and scholarships from national, regional or other funds may also be available. You can explore these other scholarship and funding opportunities by consulting the “Study in Europe” website. This provides a range of useful information for students and links to courses, universities and national agencies. http://ec.europa.eu/education/study-in-europe/

You can also visit the following website that brings together information on scholarships offered by national and regional authorities, as well as private sources of financing: http://www.scholarshipportal.eu

Lalu saya coba buka websitenya, dan isinya benar2 sangat memudahkan, karena informasi beasiswa yang tersedia sudah terangkum dan disajikan dengan indah. Tinggal bagaimana informasi ini bisa dimanfaatkan semaksimal mungkin ūüėČ


Selamat mencoba.


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