Action II: Lotus Unlimited Project

Berikut ini informasi mengenai Erasmus Mundus Action II: Lotus Unlimited Project.


Second Call for Applications was launched on October 4th and will be closed on February 17th, 2014. Currently, students from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam  can now apply for a scholarship in the framework of this project on all 5 levels (Bachelor, Master, PhD, Post-doctorate and Staff except PhD; 36 months).

More information about the Lotus Unlimited project is published on the Lotus website:

Basic information about Lotus Unlimited:

  • Budget: € 3.049.425
  • Two-way mobility: From Southeast Asia to Europe and from Europe to Southeast Asia
  • 199 scholarships: 46 for EU nationals and 153 for SEA nationals
  • Joint Coordinator: Sichuan University
  • Eligibility period project: 15 July 2013 – 14 July 2017

3 thoughts on “Action II: Lotus Unlimited Project

  1. Good day. I wanna ask you about the first target group. It’s said that students need to be registered at one of the asian higher education institution within the partnership. I’m confused whether I had to have my bachelor degree for the partnership instituion? Because my before home institution is not one of the partnership. Thanks.

  2. Hi Paula,
    as far as I understand, Lotus has 2 kind of scholarships. Full scholarship and Exchange Students. For the full scholarship you don’t need to be registered at the partner institution, but you will need it when you apply for the exchange. For more information on Lotus, you can contact them directly. They’d be glad to assist. Good luck 🙂

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