17 November

As I remember, I never wrote my personal story in this blog.
It’s because I don’t want to mix between my personal life with my activity in this blog.
However, some people were sending me emails, asking why I haven’t posted any article in this week (after the blasts of posting during last week).


I understand that the deadlines are getting closer.
However, this week has been a very busy week for me, especially at the office.
There is one big project that just started (well perhaps, not that big in terms of size, but in terms of complexity), so I must give a lot of focus in managing this project.

Also, this week, there are quite many emails requesting “proofread for motivation letter”, as announced here:

Some candidates did a very very good job in creating their motivation letter.
I’m so amazed by their work, and almost did no modification, only giving some advices.

Sadly, there were also some others who do canvassing (such as using translator program).
For these persons, I won’t reply to their email.
However, if you feel you aren’t canvassing, but I haven’t replied for more than 1 week, please resend your email.
Perhaps it ended in my junk folder (never really check that folder).

Next week, I hope the condition will be better, and some articles can be written.


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