Lotus Unlimited: Erasmus Mundus Action 2 scholarships

Berikut adalah email yang baru kami terima dari Lotus Unlimited Team, Ghent University, Belgium:

I would like to refer to the previous email contact we have had in the previous years with regard to the Lotus I, II and III projects. After the success of these three projects, Ghent University has applied for a fourth Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project with South-East Asia under the 2013 Call for proposals (EACEA/38/12).

It is with great pleasure that the Lotus Team announces the selection of Lotus Unlimited. The project is a continuation of the three earlier Lotus projects in which the duration is again 4 years: from July 15, 2013 until July 14, 2016.

The project enables mobility for all categories of students (Bachelor, Master, PhD and Postdoc) and for academic and administrative staff, open to all fields of study. The main difference with previous Lotus projects, is that Lotus Unlimited enables mobility from South-East Asia to Europe as well as from Europe to South-East Asia.

Please find the project sheet, a promotion poster and brochure of the Lotus Unlimited project herewith-attached.

Lotus Unlimited Folder (PDF)

Lotus Unlimited to Europe (PDF)

We are very happy to draw your attention to the fact that not only students from our partner universities in Indonesia, Institut Teknologi Bandung and Universitas Gadjah Mada, can apply for a scholarship in the framework of this project but also students from other universities in Indonesia are welcome to apply for a scholarship under this project as Indonesia is part of the geographical lot of the Lotus project, together with China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

I would therefore be very grateful if you could consider helping us in informing possible candidates about this project once again, thus enabling more Indonesian students/researchers/staff to apply under this project.

The first call for applications was launched on August 6, 2013 and will be closed on September 30, 2013. This call is only open for PhD 36 months applications. A second call for Bachelor, Master, exchange PhD, post doc and staff will be opened in the beginning of October 2013.

The applications should be submitted online via the Lotus Unlimited website. Students from universities other than our partner universities, can submit an application as a Target Group 2 or Target Group 3 candidate. More information about the Lotus Unlimited project and about the three different Target Groups is available on the following website: http://www.lotus.ugent.be/index.asp?p=873&a=1361

Furthermore, there are Guidelines for Applicants available on the website to guide the applicants through the application procedure (click on the section Lotus Unlimited: APPLY HERE on the website to find the link to the guidelines.)

Ghent University and the entire partnership would be very grateful if you can consider our request to help us promote this Erasmus Mundus Action 2 project called Lotus Unlimited.

Should you need any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Lotus Unlimited Team via email on lotus@ugent.be or via our project website: www.lotus.ugent.be.

Yours sincerely,

The Lotus Unlimited Team,

6 thoughts on “Lotus Unlimited: Erasmus Mundus Action 2 scholarships

  1. Malam ini baru saja saya mendapat balasan dari Lotus III Call 2 bahwa saya berada di reserve list, yang ingin saya tanyakan dari beberapa pengalaman sebelumnya bagaimana kemungkinan mendapat beasiswa tsb. Apakah banyak aplicant yang berada di reserve list?Terima Kasih

    • untuk EM action 2, kita tidak pernah dapat list-nya.
      jadi tidak tahu ada berapa orang yang di reserve list.

      mengenai kemungkinan, tergantung apakah ada kandidat main list yang mundur, dan juga berapa peringkat anda di reserve list.

  2. apakah diperbolehkan utk apply lotus unlimited berbarengan dengan erasmus mundus master course (emmc) dari action 1?
    kalau di emcc kan hanya boleh 3 consortium. bagaimana dengan lotus unlimited? thanks

    • Monggo, silahkan apply EMMC dan Lotus.
      Batas 3 program hanya untuk EMMC.

      Batas Lotus, rasanya tidak ada, tetapi anda ga mungkin apply terlalu banyak jg toh?

  3. Admin saya mau nanya, maaf jika sebelumnya sudah pernah ada yang menanyakan hal ini.
    Apakah program erasmus mundus Lotus action 2 yang student exchange tahun 2014 hanya diperuntukkan bagi universitas yg bekerja sama saja misalnya hanya UGM dan ITB ? apakah mahasiswa yg tidak kuliah di universitas tersebut bisa meng-apply student exchange nya ? universitas saya UMM jg dapat kuota EM program mover tapi baru aja berakhir 2013 tadi, jd saya berencana mencari program EM lainnya.
    Saya sudah mencari-cari di google tentang informasi terbaru soal ini tapi belum nemu juga, mohon bantuannya admin.
    terima kasih sebelumnya.

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