Beasiswa tidak cuma Erasmus Mundus !!

Join juga dengan milis beasiswa di yahoogroups.

Kirim email kosong ke, dan konfirmasi registrasi dengan klik link yang ada di email konfirmasinya.

Ini bukan promosi milis beasiswa. Tetapi dulu saya dapat Erasmus Mundus pun karena baca dari milis beasiswa. Ada banyak tipe beasiswa yang di-share di sini, tidak hanya S2 atau S3 saja.

Jangan lupa, kalau mau posting, baca dulu peraturan milisnya.

Contoh email dari milis beasiswa pagi ini:

Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 21:33:47 -0000
Subject: [beasiswa] [INFO] MSc Scholarships in Computer Science – 2013/14 – Venice (Italy)

The pre-evaluation procedure to enroll in the two-year MSc program in “Informatica – Computer Science” (, offered by Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia (Italy) for the academic year 2012/13, is open from Feb 1st to May 31st, 2013.

The program, which is taught in English and is suitable for students with diverse academic backgrounds, covers the theory and practice of a wide spectrum of fields in Computer Science and Information Technology, and allows students to pursue a minor in Statistics.

Three study plans, which include specific groups of related elective courses, are suggested: (1) Information Sciences and Intelligent Systems, (2) Software Dependability and IT Security, and (3) Information Systems and Statistical Analysis.

The requirements to apply are the following: Candidates must hold a university degree, equivalent to a tree-year (or four-year) Bachelor degree in Computer Science or related subjects (Computer/Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, etc.); Candidates must be proficient in English (a B1 certificate is required, or a certificate attesting that the medium of instruction of the bachelor was English).

Candidates can ask for an on-line pre-evaluation of their qualification and school career ( before starting the official enrolment procedure.
Only students who complete successfully the on-line pre-evaluation procedure by May 31st, 2013 can be awarded with the university international scholarships. Other regional scholarships are available, assigned on the basis of the family income.

This pre-evaluation procedure is particularly important for non-EU citizens residing abroad, who have to apply as early as possible (we suggest long before the deadline of May 31st, 2013). These students, once received a pre-acceptance letter, have to submit a further pre-enrolment application to an Italian Diplomatic Delegation in their countries, in order to pre-enroll and transmit us all the original documents, and to start as soon a possible a pretty long process to obtain an Italian Student Visa.

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