Erasmus Mundus di Universitas Udayana, Bali

Bagi teman2 yang berlokasi di Bali dan berminat untuk tahu, diskusi, dan tanya jawab mengenai Erasmus Mundus, one of our promotion team akan datang ke Universitas Udayana dalam rangka The 4th Indonesian Summer School 2012 on Computational Logic and Its Applications.

Presentasinya pada Jumat pagi, 7 September 2012 untuk peserta summer school.

Bila ada yang berminat untuk mengadakan diskusi EM pada Jumat siang, silahkan segera menghubungi via email ke yansenemcl [at]


One thought on “Erasmus Mundus di Universitas Udayana, Bali

  1. i like the scholarship a lot …it provides knowledge studying different semester in different countries all over Europe and that would provide me an exposure towards the outer countries to know more on the related subject and lot other. does Erasmus Mundus offer short courses also if yes please mail me the detail i would love to hear from you all.thanks

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