EM alumni on MTV Insomnia

Indonesian EMA community (the so-called IndoEM) has succeeded promoting Erasmus Mundus in various ways, in close cooperation with the Jakarta Delegation of European Union.

Some means of the promotion are:

  • direct presentations in the universities
  • attending numerous education fairs
  • electronic articles through blogs
  • on-air shows (radio)

On early morning of 24 April (3-5 AM) IndoEM appeared in live show of MTV Insomnia as one of the most exciting ways to target young and dynamic audience of potential Erasmus Mundus students from Indonesia. The alumni networking with the media is considered as the key point to be able to promote EM scholarship in a national scale.

The first on-air show (a joint-effort with Jakarta Delegation of European Union) is at Green Radio 89.2 FM which was broadcasted all over Indonesia. The second one is at Radio Republik Indonesia (the National Indonesian Radio Network) broadcasted all over Indonesia and abroad.

Moving forward to the television network, IndoEM not only promoting the scholarship but also the European cultures to the nation. Targeting to young-adult viewers, IndoEM community participated in MTV Insomnia program – a live TV show broadcasted by MTV Indonesia, which is a part of MTV Asia.

The show was aired on April 24, hosted by VJ Jemima and VJ Sarah. Four EM alumni took part in the show: Dyan Garneta (SEFOTECH.nut 2007), Irfan Mujahid (MEITEI 2007), Ayu Putri (QEM 2006), and Iqbal Akbar (FUSION 2006 – also the President of EMA SEA Chapter). They shared their extraordinary and challenging experiences learning and living in several countries in Europe.

The alumni also invited the MTV viewers to attend the upcoming Europe Day celebration (at Atrium Plasa Senayan, 15-16 May 2010) organized by Jakarta Delegation of European Union for more questions around Erasmus Mundus of which the alumni will participate in the public talk show event. In the last segment, the VJs asked all the alumni who were in the studio watching the live show to appear in the show and greet the MTV viewers.

To know more about Erasmus Mundus promotional events in Indonesia, please follow our twitter account @indoem.

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