Scholarship Applications that Win!

This article is mainly taken from the following website. Some modifications are made to adjust with the local condition.


  • Have your application arrive EARLY as possible, absolutely not after the deadline date!
  • This behavior also conveys a positive characteristic about you.


  • Explain what documents that you send, and how to classify them (perhaps you numbered the documents, or how you list the documents in the application).
  • Explain a bit about your interest and passion. Don’t sell your self here! You sell your self in your application, not in cover letter.
  • Make it short (one-page) and not too crowded (don’t use small fonts and less line space).

Sample Packet Cover Letter

1111 WinOne Street
Pensacola, Fl 32503
9 September 1999

Mary Smith, President
Whatever Scholarship Committee
Orlando Central Parkway
Orlando, Florida (zip code)

Dear Ms. Smith,

This letter is an introduction of myself, (your name), and my desire to participate in the (whatever it is called) Scholarship Program. I have been accepted to (Name of your College) for the 1999 fall term.

I would like to thank you and the (whatever) Scholarship Committee for supporting college bound students with an opportunity for financial assistance through your scholarship program. Enclosed you will find my application form, high school transcript, ACT results, letters of recommendation, and other pertinent information. Again, thank you for your interest on my behalf and for the youth of our state.


(your name)


  • Construct your application to make it EASY for the committee to see that you have provided every thing that was required
  • If possible, provide items in the order that they are listed in the application.
  • If possible, do not mix items on the same page.
  • Add extra items that were not requested to give your application that something extra. However, DO NOT add extra items if you are specifically told not to add anything extra. Just follow the given directions.


This is where you get to be creative to find ways and things that present you in a positive light to the selection committee. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Write a short essay on MY EDUCATION/CAREER GOALS. Try to keep to one page but no more than two.
  2. Write a paragraph or two on how this scholarship award will help you reach your education/career goals.
  3. Certificate of achievements/awards to show that your performance and hard work was recognizable.

Be creative to find things that make you look good and share them with the committee.


  • When you have a letter of recommendation addressed to the specific organization or person that is administering the application process, it’s the best since the letter is “Special” for them.
  • If all you have is a letter that starts “To Whom It May Concern”, it is still better than nothing. But if you can personalize the letter it says you cared to send the very best.


  • Use correct grammar and spelling.
  • Ask someone with ample English skill to help you with proofreading your essay, cover letter, extra items you have included, and even letters of recommendation prepared by others.
  • When there are hundreds/thousands of applications to review, correctness and neatness become the first screen out factor.


  • Not only the content of your application that you need to care of, but also its presentation.
  • Group a multiple-page document with stapler or paper clips.
  • Place all of your items in a clear plastic folder, with a slide locking binder (it also protects the document from water).
  • Your application packet is a great looking presentation of YOU, don’t mess it up by folding it to fit a small envelope. Use a big enough  envelope so that your application arrives looking great.

40 thoughts on “Scholarship Applications that Win!

  1. Salam,
    Saya Navhat, saat ini masih kuliah S1 jurusan HI. Saya ingin apply beasiswa Erasmus Mundus di bidang Global Studies. Apakah ada awardee/alumni dari indo yg mengambil master di bidang tsb? Kalau ada, apa boleh saya minta alamat emailnya? Karena saya ingin bertanya lebih lanjut ttg pengalamannya khususnya dlm program tsb. Terimakasih.


  2. Salam,
    Saya Dafiq, saat ini masih kuliah di Jurusan Komunikasi Massa, lulus bulan Desember tahun ini, Masihkah terbuka kesempatan bagi saya untuk mendaftar tahun ini?
    Terima Kasih.

    Salam 🙂

  3. dear Emundus..

    saya Frances, saat ini kuliah semester akhir di perguruan swasta di Jogja dengan major Hubungan Internasional..

    ingin apply scholarship EM postgraduate ( master ) dengan jurusan yang tidak jauh berbeda dengan jurusan HI seperti MAPP atau disiplin ilmu sosial lainnya..

    kepastian saya wisuda Januari 2011, apa saya masih bisa apply program ini??

    bisa gak saya minta link-nya mengenai majors apa yang ditawarkan EM periode 2010 – 2011 karena website yg harus saya buka banyak juga dan agak bingung dengan prosedur yg cukup rumit..

    merci for enlightenment

  4. Halo Emundus..
    saya Frances yg kmarn nge-post..
    here are my questions :

    1. apa bedanya kalo kita cuma ambil 1 program, sementara setiap applicant max. ambil 3 program?
    2. kalo saya ambil 2 program yaitu MAPP dan Glitema, apa requirements-nya dikirim terpisah ke masing2 univ / konsorsium? atau jadi 1 berkas ke pusat?
    3. saya kan baru dapat info EM scholarship accidentally dari online newspaper, jadi setiap req. nya agak mendadak saya penuhi, seperti TOEFL karena saya udah check tiap institusional di Yogya bahwa preparation dimulai awal Okt. 3rd –> Nov. 29th itu udah intensif, belum lagi saya musti ke Jakarta u/ Test Int’l yg official dari ETS coz yg di Yogya cuma available yg ITP ( apa bisa pake ITP Mas/Mba?? );lalu masalah ijazah, saya kan wisuda January 2011, otomatis ijazah menyusul, menurut pendapat Anda apa boleh saya bargain ke consortium mengenai problem TOEFL & Ijazah ini??

    merci for your answer.. I really appreciate it..

    • 1. bedanya mereka punya kesempatan diterima di 3 program..

      2. terpisah ke masing2 konsorsium. seleksi tiap program akan terpisah, tidak ada hubungannya satu sama lain.

      3. di Yogyakarta ada kok International TOEFL IBT (cek
      Sat., Sep 11, 2010
      Sun., Sep 12, 2010
      Sat., Oct 09, 2010
      Sun., Oct 17, 2010
      Sat., Oct 23, 2010
      Sun., Oct 31, 2010
      Sat., Nov 13, 2010
      Sun., Nov 14, 2010
      Sun., Nov 21, 2010
      Sat., Nov 27, 2010
      Sun., Nov 28, 2010
      Sat., Dec 11, 2010
      Sun., Dec 12, 2010
      Sun., Dec 19, 2010

      ijazah? no problem, bisa disusulkan.. tapi jgn lupa diinformasikan ke konsorsium..

      • bien, merci…

        anyway on your 3rd answer, is it the test or the preparation?
        my only matter on TOEFL is i need the preparation too ( well, just say, i can learn the preparation by myself from books or net, but other says that is better we get the preparation from institutional, in order that we have an intensive study hour and many tricks to involve in to test..

        by the way your answer help me lots 🙂

      • kl di ETS ya pasti real testnya 😉
        say, u take preparation class til Nov 29..
        the next closest test date is Dec 11..

        results will be ready in 1-2 weeks..
        match it with the deadline of your EMMC..

        the call is yours..
        however, some consortiums may allow that TOEFL be sent later.. just ask them 😉

    • dalam 1 tahun pendaftaran, setiap applicant hanya boleh apply maksimal ke 3 program EM..

      mengapa dibatasi? menghindari applicant yang membabi buta mengirimkan aplikasi ke banyak program, lalu bila diterima di semuanya, in the end dia cuma boleh pilih 1 >> menyia2kan kerja keras konsorsium untuk menyeleksi aplikasi dan merepotkan karena harus mengatur ulang semua arrangement untuk pengganti orang ini..

      • you need to improve your grammar..
        hopefully my understanding is correct..

        answer: simply because (perhaps) this program have not yet opened their registration for 2011 applicants. just visit the website regularly to check for updates 😉

  5. Oui Sir! 🙂

    thank you for your understanding..
    the both website : SUFONAMA and Glitema are closed their applications since early 2010..
    do you think I really need to always check for updates or maybe those are really their deadlines?;(

    i’ve just emailed them..
    do you think they wouldn’t mind to have responses??

    thank you for sharing Sir..

  6. Would you mind to explain this :

    The link from

    Candidates must apply on-line by the following dates:

    a) Students also applying for an Erasmus Mundus Master Course stipend from outside of the European Union and countries which are participating in the Erasmus Mundus Programme according to Article 9 of the Programme Decision: midnight (Porto time), 31 December 2010 (= Application for Category A stipend);

    b) Students also applying for an Erasmus Mundus Master Course stipend from the European Union and countries which are participating in the Erasmus Mundus Programme according to Article 9 of the Programme Decision: midnight (Porto time), 31 December 2010 (= Application for Category B stipend);

    c) Students not applying for an Erasmus Mundus Master Course stipend: midnight (Porto time), 31 July 2011.

    especially A –> i don’t get what the meaning of Article 9? Is the Erasmus Mundus stipend similar to Erasmus Mundus Scholarship??


    • yep stipend = beasiswa

      saya rasa kamu perlu lebih banyak “research” sebelum bertanya..
      kultur eropa akan lebih menghargai applicant yang benar2 tahu apa yang dia tanya, dan yang benar2 sudah berusaha mencari jawabannya (tapi tidak menemukannya) sebelum bertanya..

      dan apa yang akan kamu apply adalah program master, dimana mahasiswa/i dituntut untuk independen dan kritis.. bertanya dan mengungkapkan pikiran adalah hal yang sangat terbuka di eropa, hanya saja, pastikan isinya berbobot 😉

      • oh ya kmrn email saya sudah dbalas oleh pihak prog. sufonama..
        saya msh nego lg neh ttg ijazah S1 saya ( saya wisuda Jan. 2011 ) deadline SUFONAMA Dec 1 2010..

        Menurut Anda apa applicant dg dokumen yg blm lengkap peluang u/ diterima msh ada ? at least brapa persen peluangnya? apalagi mengenai ijazah..

        mohon advice-ny yah.. merci beaucoup

      • tahun 2010 ini, ada 1 awardee yang baru sidang agustus 2010, tetapi dia sudah apply dari akhir 2009 dan diterima..

        pada intinya, selama fresh graduate diperbolehkan, yang penting adalah lulus sebelum periode perkuliahan di eropa dimulai (biasanya dimulai sekitar sep/okt, tergantung univ dan negaranya)

        tambahan: baca point 3 di sini:

  7. Emundus

    saya Huda, masih kuliah S1 jurusan Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris.
    Saya mencari beasiswa S2 di Inggris tapi belum jelas spisefikasi yang akan saya ambil, yang jelas masih di English Faculty.

    Apakah ada awardee/alumni dari indo yg mengambil master di bidang tsb? Kalau ada, apa boleh saya minta alamat emailnya? Karena saya ingin bertanya lebih lanjut ttg pengalamannya khususnya dlm program tsb. Terimakasih.



  8. Proof of completing secondary school education ( mksdny apa sih ? )
    saya mau daftar di MA Human Rights dan slh satu terms mreka menyebutkan itu..

    thanks in advance

  9. Dear Emundus.

    Maaf, saya mau tanya.. daftar dulu dikampus yang diinginkan (yang teregistrasi dengan EM) atau daftar beasiswa EM?

    Karena saya lihat jadwal di univ yg ada program buat saya (Univ. Groningen, Netherlands) tutup April 2011.
    Sedangkan EM dari november/desember 2010.

    Maaf ya..agak sedikit panik saya jadinya. 🙂

    Mohon info detilnya.

    Thank you so much..

  10. salam,
    saya adalah mahasiswa jurusan bahasa inggris semester akhir di sekolah tinggi bahasa di jakarta dan akan wisuda bulan desember 2010 ini, saya mau bertanya tentang informasi apakah ada beasiswa s2 jurusan bahasa inggris? saya minta informasi yang lebih lengkap karna saya baru pertama masuk di website ini. trima kasih

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